Release notes & Backlog

            Update - January 05, 2020 - v0.76

            This is the first update of our public data after our overwhelmingly positive launch at the end of November and we've implemented a couple of enhancements based on your great feedback. Download the latest version after following the sign up process on or use the direct link in our newsletter from today. Send us a mail to or create a ticket here on the support portal if you have any questions or suggestions.

            Latest Improvements:

            1. Improved end-to-end onboarding flow with an animation which shows the key features in one end-to-end flow in around 1 minute.

            2. Just one click to launch CoScreen and to join any channel from your browser. You can now share an instant invite to CoScreen and your team's channel via your favorite chat & messaging platform. Just add your channel name at the end of the following URL:
    [CoScreen Channel ID]
              Then open the URL in a browser (or share it with your team) and the CoScreen app will launch instantly with the right channel.

            3. Define the default behavior if you want your windows to be shared and your microphone to be unmuted as soon as you join a CoScreen channel or if you want to start with them being deactivated. Just configure it based on your needs in the new extended CoScreen Main Menu:

            New CoScreen Main Menu Settings (v0.76

            First Public Beta Release - November 26, 2019 - v0.75

            CoScreen Version 0.75 is the first public beta release of the application and we can't wait to hear what you think. Watch the video to find out what CoScreen is all about, drop us a mail at if you have any questions or suggestions or also feel free to create a support ticket if you face any issues.

            This is the scope of the first public version (get it here):
            • Key features:
              • Screen sharing by drag & drop
              • Remote control via mouse (simple clicks, advanced interactions will follow)
              • Remote control via keyboard (including crucial keyboard combinations, let us know if you face issues with certain keyboard layouts)
              • Audio chat (simply unmute yourself to talk)
              • Helpful tweaks we've implemented based on user feedback:
                • Toggle to hide/show windows shared by a certain user with a single click
                • Toggle to stop/start sharing of own windows with a single click
                • Picker to choose the display CoScreen to run on
                • Option to join the most recent CoScreen channel automatically when CoScreen launches
                • Option to hide all windows on the CoScreen display
              • Support for macOS Catalina (& Mojave) 

            • Recent additions:
            • Known issues & upcoming improvements:
              • CPU consumption and image quality of shared windows is expected to improve considerably in the next version which is currently being tested privately, let us know if you want early access.
              • Occasional crashes and windows that aren't shared even though they should - let us know if you face these issues, preferably with the steps to reproduce.
              • We're also working on a Slack app which will enable you to join CoScreen from within Slack channels with an easy slash command.
            Watch the video to learn about CoScreen in 80 seconds:

            Updated: 07 Jan 2020 11:36 AM
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